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2024 Spring Break Day Camp

Are your kids curious about the world around them? Do they have a million questions about how things work? Our Science is Everywhere Camps at the Nuclear Museum are here to satisfy their curiosity and spark their imaginations! At our camps, we don't just answer questions - we engage children in fun and creative activities that will leave them wanting more.

Students K-6 can register to experience the museum's exciting science and fun STEAM activities. Our education team has divided camp topics into single-day camps with multi-age collaborative camper experiences from 8:30 am- 3:30 pm, with FREE before-and-aftercare starting at 7:30 am and ending at 5:30 pm.

Day camps run from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Please drop off your camper at 7:30 am and pick up your child on or before 5:30 pm. Late fees apply for campers who have not been picked up by then. Campers should bring two snacks, a lunch, and a refillable water bottle each day they are enrolled.

Single-day camps are $75.00 per session.

Members receive a discount on camp enrollment costs.

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Monday, April 1

Captain Plant-It (Grades K-6)

We’ll be putting on our gardening gloves and hats when we learn all about how plants make the planet Earth thrive. The biodiversity of various environments across the globe will be studied, and we’ll start our indoor gardens. Come celebrate Earth Day as we study how plants impact local wildlife and what the world might be like without such lively and lush vegetation.

Tuesday, April 2

Geology Rocks! (Grades K-6)

Come learn about Earth’s layers and the churning forces that keep our planet’s face changing throughout the eons. Build volcanic dioramas, make your own fossils, and crack open geodes to discover the dazzling crystals within. Learn about the processes that make all these geologic phenomena occur in a hands-on week of rockin’ fun.

Wednesday, April 3

Just Add Water (Grades K-6)

Come make a splash and get wet as we explore the wonderful world of water. Watch it bend and magnify light, power hydraulic pistons, and allow things to sink or float. We’ll build a protective contraption for a water balloon drop test, design a ship for faring rough seas, as well as various aqueous chemistry activities. Join in the fun as we dip our toes into the science of water.

Thursday, April 4

The Fun of Physics (Grades K-6)

How can we truly know Newton’s Laws of Physics work unless we test them out? In this camp, we’ll explore motion, inertia, and electricity as we test egg-drop devices, model orbiting objects, and reach out for a Van de Graaff Zap! See how angular momentum can create art, conduct electricity through bizarre objects, and even crash test a mini race car in this camp of all things physics.

Friday, April 5

Balloon Blast (Grades K-6)

Help us find ninety-nine uses for red balloons in this camp focused on the fun inflatable objects. We’ll build balloon-powered cars, race balloon rockets, and make self-inflating balloons. Test out durability, listen as they “scream,” and even pilot some shark dirigibles as we focus on the science of balloons.

Please contact Linda Anderson, Education Enrichment Coordinator, or Lisa Guida, Director of Education, for more information.

Please contact Jennifer Galloway, for your member discount code. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.