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The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is proud to introduce Project Atom,™ a free out-of-school-time club for middle and high school students. Project Atom™ focuses on nuclear science.

Project Atom™ is intended for middle and high school students who want to expand their knowledge of nuclear science. Topics will include basic nuclear energy science, nuclear reactor safety, how a nuclear reactor works, ionizing radiation basics, radioactive decay, radioisotopes, biological effects of radiation, and the controversial issue of radiation risk. Some sessions will include student activities to promote the understanding of certain concepts. The accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima nuclear power plants will also be addressed.

Educators: You must credit the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History by using our trademarked logo on materials downloaded from this page. Access our logo by clicking on the button below. Once the logo has downloaded, right click to save on your device.

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