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The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s Nuclear Defense Heritage Collection is composed of more than 120 artifacts, which is the world’s largest and most complete collection of preserved declassified nuclear weapons, handling equipment, and deployment systems, all of which survive from the Manhattan Project and Cold War era.

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The Museum Artifact Center (MAC) will rehouse the Nuclear Defense Heritage Collection from Kirtland Air Force Base storage to the Museum’s current twelve-acre site. It will provide 5000 sq. ft. of visible storage. The construction and completion of the MAC will provide public access to this portion of the collection for the first time, foster innumerable research opportunities, and allow museum staff to take appropriate measures toward long-term preservation.

The Museum Artifact Center (MAC) has been part of the Museum’s Strategic Plan for many years. The project has been delayed due to the unprecedented circumstances in recent years, resulting in an increased budget due to the rise in material and construction costs. Construction will be completed in 2024, and all artifacts will be moved from Kirtland Air Force Base storage to the MAC.


Donate now-The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is owned and operated by a non-profit organization. Because of this, benefactors may make contributions to further the mission of the museum as tax-deductible gifts.

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Sponsor now - By sponsoring an artifact in the Museum Artifact Center (MAC), you will help preserve history for future generations. With each sponsorship, your name will appear on signage inside the MAC, and you will be presented with a plaque of appreciation suitable for display.

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Peacekeeper Memorial - Wings of Freedom Name Plaques offer the opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one who served or is serving in our nation’s defense working at the National Labs, Department of Energy, active military, veterans, scientists, engineers, technicians, and safety and security officials who kept us safe or continue to keep us safe. Your gift of $500 or $1,000 towards this memorial will go to support the construction and building of the Museum Artifact Center.

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