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About the Museum Artifact Center


The Project - The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History plans to construct a Museum Artifacts Center (MAC) as an improvement and capital project. The project will house the largest existing declassified collection of America’s nuclear defense heritage material.

This collection of more than 120 individual items, systems, or deployment technology is too large for complete concurrent in-museum display, thus the need to house the remaining un-displayed collection in a manner suitable for a national, congressionally designated museum that is affiliated with Smithsonian Institution, with AAM accreditation.


The MAC facility - The Museum’s collection of historical materials includes the world’s largest and most complete group of historical nuclear weapon casings and displays that are unclassified and able to be viewed by the general public. At this point in our history, and given current world tensions, there is intense interest in this material from academia and the media. The MAC can be a site of scheduled behind-the-scene tours, a training facility for interns, and a place to prepare objects for display. CLICK HERE for a look into some of the weapons that will be on display.


The MAC will be built right next to the existing Museum building on Eubank Blvd. It will be just west of the existing freight dock but just inside the perimeter of Heritage Park.


Make a Donation - The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is owned and operated by a non-profit organization. Because of this, benefactors may make contributions to further the mission of the museum as tax-deductible gifts.

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Sponsor a Nuclear Defense Artifact - It is anticipated that the objects stored in the MAC will be displayed as “open storage”. The objects will be located to allow for aisle access so the museum can operate tours and accommodate historical research. This is your opportunity to sponsor a historic nuclear weapon artifact that will go towards supporting the construction of the Museum Artifact Center.

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Peacekeeper Memorial - The Peacekeeper Memorial is your opportunity to memorialize a loved one who served in our nation’s defense working at the national labs, Department of Energy, or military. Your gift of $500 towards this memorial will go to support the construction and building of the Museum Artifact Center.

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