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Sponsor a Nuclear Defense Artifact in the MAC

You can help preserve history.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History plans to build a new preservation facility next to the present museum to be called the Museum Artifact Center (MAC). While the museum owns its own facility and operates as a non-profit, it fulfills a charter established under public law by congressional designation. The museum is a Smithsonian Affiliated museum and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

Meeting a Critical Need

Storage of unique, historic materials is a common requirement of many if not most, museums that care for objects not currently on exhibit. The museum maintains a very large and singularly unique collection of historic nuclear defense heritage that is presently stored in a remote and inadequate old facility. The 70-year-old warehouse is damp, dusty, and full of dirt. Our collections policy requires the museum to uphold its commitment to storing and maintaining artifacts for future display and public education by preserving them in optimal conditions, thus the need for the MAC.

This space, while predominately storage, will include a nominal exhibition preparation area as well as a small document storage area. It is anticipated that the objects stored in the MAC will be displayed as “open storage”. The objects will be located to allow for aisle access so the museum can operate tours and accommodate historical research.

This is your opportunity to sponsor a historic nuclear weapon artifact that will go towards supporting the construction of the Museum Artifact Center. Each sponsored artifact will feature a label describing significant historical information, and it will recognize the sponsor. There are a number of unique artifacts, but the list is limited.

Artifacts on Display

Images below include some of the artifacts that will be on display:

  • BA53
  • MK-6
  • MK-15
  • MK-27
  • MK-28 IN Trainer
  • MK-36
  • MK105 "Hotpoint" cutaway
  • UUM-44A SUBROC, submarine rocket

To determine which artifact interests you for preservation and sponsorship, please contact our Director of Development, at (505) 245-2137, extension 110.

Artifacts to be housed in the MAC


Make a Donation - The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is owned and operated by a non-profit organization. Because of this, benefactors may make contributions to further the mission of the museum as tax-deductible gifts.

Make a Donation

Peacekeeper Memorial - The Peacekeeper Memorial is your opportunity to memorialize a loved one who served in our nation’s defense working at the national labs, Department of Energy, or military. Your gift of $500 towards this memorial will go to support the construction and building of the Museum Artifact Center.

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